Onepas — A Web3 CliMaaS Ecosystem

A web3 plug-n-play layer of clean mobility ♻️

Introducing Onepas : CliMaaS, Bridging The Gaps of The Urban Stacks

Onepas Network | PASO Protocol | DataOne™️

The current state of MaaS is unsustainable.

Building a robust ecosystem where everyone can prosper by sharing value more securely, fairly.

Cryptocurrencies in their tokenized form have. the potential to be more than just currencies.

Onepas will utilize blockchain technology on PoA Proof of Activity consensus protocol for interoperable clean mobility.

  • Fairness
  • Social Orientation

In our case clean mobility 🌎 🌱

Use case of Onepas in the Mobility industry?

NFT Ticketing, Settling and Roaming.

  • A related use case would be the the use of DLT for roaming in intermodal travel chains.
  • There is a preference trend of consumers in moving towards the direct online interaction and connection to MaaS offers. The NFT technological paradigm perfectly aligns with this tendency.
  • Integration of Fiat-on-Ramp functionality
  • Blockchain provides a single source of truth for both ticket holders and providers. The transfer of NFTs from the initial sale to resale is stored on the blockchain immutably so that all parties can prove the ticket’s authenticity. In cases where the resale of tickets is forbidden, NFTs can be developed as non-transferrable, not to be moved to another buyer physically.
  • NFT reward systems could improve the goodwill of brands and consequently strengthen the ties between passengers and transport operators.
  • Costs associated with selling and minting NFTs are negligible as compared to the traditional ticketing systems.
  • Mitigating risks associated with the mobility settlement and payment infrastructure. Very suitable for the transport industry‚ particularly in the case where financial data transmission is very sensitive and the personal information of passengers is critical.
  • NFT ticketing module wrapped on a friendly UX that hides the underlying complexity of smart contracts.

Our network protocol would be integrated only to selected public or private transit operators, that use hybrid or fully electric vehicle fleets.

The Cryptoeconomic Model

  • Tokenomics will be ruled by Burn & Mint Equilibrium
  • MyRide®️ Credits are a $USD-pegged utility token derived from $PASO in a burn transaction and used to pay all activity fees on the Onepas Network.
  • As always, the price of one MyRide Credit is $.00001
  • * The current Onepas Oracle price is $1
  • * Burning 1 PASO would produce 100,000 MRC’s

DataOne™️ \ ACTIONABLE data-economy

Designed as an impact data farming streamline

Onepas Digital Identifiers

  • Token Accounts, which implement a token account, and track both transactions against the account and deposits to the account
  • Data Accounts, which track and organize data that is validated or approved by an identity
  • Staking Accounts, which will allow staking EPAS tokens to secure the network in exchange for rewards

Our goal is to become a plug-n-play layer of tomorrow’s stakeholder economy, a web3 protocol of clean mobility ♻️


Bridging The Gaps of The Urban Stacks!



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