NFT’s and the collective hysteria

2 min readFeb 4, 2022


NFTs Outsold the Entire Movie Industry in January

Wanna hear the craziest stat I heard all month?

Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club did more in sales on Opensea ($495m) than the global movie industry did at the box office ($482m)

That’s just bored apes.

If you look at all NFTs on opensea, that’s ~$5B in NFT sales in january. And the craziest bit?

At the same time ironically you can easily download any *dude it’s digital art, duhhh* piece at the Pirate Bay inspired site, specifically:

The NTT Bay. \ the largest nft torrent database

So what’s the real value of nft’s at the end of the day?!

Besides mere speculating, overpriced jpeg art and the ol’e:“i’m rich f*ck you! sensationalism.”

Who knows, and that’s the beauty of collective hysteria…

Just in case download MetaMask wallet.

if nft’s actually break out of this loop and become utilitarian “things” of our future…

doing the devils advocate just in case

I’ve said it before (right above!) and I’ll say it again — NFTs are the boybands of crypto.

You may think they look stupid, but they are going mainstream.

It might sound crazy but it ain’t no lie..

Another day, another big celebrity launching an NFT.

This time it’s Coachella.

Coachella Going Full NFT




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